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Holistic and Flexible

The transformative learning process at Carnegie Hub is designed to help young people grow both in and out of the classroom. Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations, which further develops the whole person.

Our setting is safe, open and supportive, allowing us to guide young people in exploring the world around them. 

We recognise that 21st century skills cannot be gained in a 20th century classroom or with a 20th century approach.  Our approach offers flexibility in academics and attendadnce and is relevant to a 21st century holistic education. Advice and guidance on each particular child's subject choice and exam level requirements is made throughout their time at Carnegie Hub.

Structure of the Study Programme

Age 12 - 15:

Our introductory class provides the bridge between primary schooling and the academic world. Our curriculum corresponds to South African grades 7 to 9. This age group is facilitated within a shared space, allowing for the development of social skills beyond that of a particular year group.

Age 15+:

Once our young people are ready to approach examinations, they begin to study internationally accredited subjects. The academic programme developed for each young person is specific to their needs, abilities and future plans. This process takes 18 - 24 months, culminating in a series of external examinations.

Age 16+:

When students are ready to move out of the secondary schooling system into further academic study or the working world, they follow a second examination process. Options are available for exit at Matric level with exemption for entry into South African and international universities, or further study to allow entry to ivy-league universities overseas.